Why Choose a Mini Trampoline

We all know it is important to take care of our bodies with proper nutrition, rest and exercise. A mini trampoline is a great tool to use for exercise. Mini trampolines are generally about 3 feet in diameter and 9 inches high. It provides a lot of benefits in a small package.

Mini trampoline exercises are great for you health. You can enjoy more energy, increased muscle tone, better sleep, weight loss and many others if you simply exercise. Because you are not exercising on a hard surface, there is much less stress and impact put on your body. Using a mini trampoline can be completely safe. Some people can’t run for exercise because it is too high impact. Trampoline exercise is a great option for everyone, including those people.

With a fitness mini trampoline you can do your exercising while you watch television or listen to music. The weather outside will not effect if you can exercise. Having a fitness trampoline in your home allows you to exercise any time of day. It is relatively small. You can even find some that fold up for easy storage or to simplify bringing with you when you travel. It is also a very affordable option. You can find an exercise trampoline for as little as $30! That’s a steal of a deal for any piece of exercise equipment.

Just as with any exercise program, if you are new to rebounding, you should start slow. It is recommended to start with just five minutes of gentle bouncing per day. As your fitness level improves, you can lengthen your workout. Once you are lengthening the time you spend rebounding you don’t have to do it continuously. You can break up your workout into five, ten, or fifteen minute increments if you wish. For the best cardiac workout, however, it is ideal to do the exercise for at least thirty minutes straight. Also as you become more comfortable and fit you can bounce so your feet leave the surface of the trampoline.

Is a mini trampoline for kids? Yes! A mini trampoline is a great way to introduce exercise to your children. It can be great for you as a parent; instead of telling your kids to stop jumping on the bed, you can encourage them to jump on the trampoline. Jumping on the mini tramp has also been shown to help hyperactive children become more calm. It’s important to teach children to be active and healthy and a mini trampoline rebounder can help do just that.

Of course it is important to consider safety when purchasing any exercise equipment. One of the best ways to stay safe with a trampoline is to start slow. When just beginning your feet should not lose contact with the mat while you are bouncing. You are still getting effective exercise, but your body is strengthening, and getting used to this new exercise. This is the best way to avoid prolapsed organs, which is the only known health hazard to rebounding. This can especially be a concern for the elderly. As long as you start with the light bouncing where contact is kept there is no reason to worry.