What does doleful mean?

What does doleful mean? It means something that is sorrowful, that is steeped in melancholy.

Noun: –dolefulness

Use in a sentence Examples: –

  •         The eyes of my dog were doleful as soon as I started to pack my things to leave for my vacation.
  •         It becomes obvious that you would be doleful, absolutely to the point that he would not be able to sleep upon finding that your relationship is breaking apart.
  •         It is only natural for women to free doleful when the find that they have been cheated on by their respective partners.
  •         It is only due to the doleful music that the artist has been able to move people to tears.
  •         Once you read the news of the plane tragedy, you will find yourself feeling doleful for the entire day. A lot of innocent people have lost their lives.

·         As soon as I made out the expression of my doctor was doleful, all I could think about was the diagnosis and how much time do I have to live in this world. 

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