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Get Featured on Baltimore Mom (Advertising / PR)

Are you a Brand, Company, Non-Profit, Small Business, Blogger, Individual or Consultant interested in being featured, here on Baltimore Mom? We want to hear from you!

Advertising with a Sponsored Post here on Baltimore Mom is the perfect way to 'get the word out' about your company. Maybe you're looking to promote a giveaway, a deal or sale, an upcoming event, a brand-new product, your newest blog post or a specific landing page on your website. (Or, maybe you'd prefer a more general post - one that introduces your overall company, services or products to the Baltimore Mom audience?)

Whatever it is that you are looking to share, our audience is eager to get to know you. Read on to learn all about this effective, inexpensive option for getting your company or business in front of the 23,000+ fans, followers, readers and subscribers that make up the Baltimore Mom audience!

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About the Baltimore Mom Blog...

Baltimore Mom is a Media/PR-friendly blog with over 23,000 fans, followers, readers and subscribers... not only here in the Mid-Atlantic East Coast region, but across the entire United States - and even around the world! We love getting the word out to our audience - about tons of different products, brands, events, deals, giveaways and causes that we're personally interested in. If you'd like to have your brand, product, event or content featured here on Baltimore Mom, then we want to talk to you - especially if you're able to offer our audience something in one or more of these categories:

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Advertising with a Sponsored Post on Baltimore Mom is perfect if....

YOU ARE: A Brand, Company, Non-Profit, Small Business, Blog, Individual or Consultant

YOU HAVE: Something of your own that you want to promote or announce, such as....
  • A giveaway, contest or sweepstakes
  • An upcoming event
  • A brand-new product
  • A great blog post of your own
  • A specific landing page or image/video, etc

YOU WANTTo achieve one or more of the following goals...
  • Drive traffic and/or leads to your overall website or blog
  • Increase the size of your audience on social media
  • Raise overall brand awareness of your company
  • Boost engagement with consumers on social media
  • Specifically promote a particular giveaway, deal, event, product or post
  • Reach an audience or demographic that may not currently be familiar with you
  • Increase the amount of web content related to your company so that you rank higher in search results ("Search Engine Optimization" or "SEO")

What is a 'Sponsored Post' - and what's included in the price?

THE POSTA Sponsored Post here on Baltimore Mom is an original blog post that we write, ourselves - introducing your company and your content to our broad audience. We include both images and copy - as well as plenty of links ("backlinks") to your own website or blog. Depending on what you are looking for (and how 'in-depth' you want for the post to be), we offer 3 different options:

THE PROMOTION: After we publish your Sponsored Post, here on the Baltimore Mom website, we go ahead and share it across our Baltimore Mom social media channels - promoting it up to seven different times:

(REACH = 23,000+ Baltimore Mom fans, followers, readers & subscribers)

Optional Add-on Features:

LARGER AUDIENCEBecause Baltimore Mom belongs to the Suzanne Isabella Marketing Network of websites, we are able to extend the visibility of our blog posts by having them shared with the following audiences, as well:

​PRODUCT REVIEW: Including our review of your product adds a personal, trusted element to the blog post - and often results in readers feeling favorably towards the product, before s/he even heads over to the sponsor's website. (Because we do not post negative reviews, you can rest assured that our observations will be favorable*.) We use blogger-created photos/video and written content to illustrate/describe our unwrapping of the package, our impressions of the product, what purpose(s) it served, what did or didn't surprise us about the product, how our family enjoyed it, why others should do the same, etc..
*(In the case that we ever ran across a product that we could not review in a positive way, then we would contact the sponsor in order to determine how to proceed with the post)

Blog Focus and Topics:

Baltimore Mom covers a wide range of topics, including: Baltimore, Blogging, Books, Business, Career, #CausesWeCareAbout, Clothing and Fashion, College, Deals, Entertainment, Fall, Food and Cooking, Funny, Games, Gift Ideas, Giveaways, Halloween, Health, Holidays, Kids, Life, Marriage, MD/DC/VA/PA/OH, Music, Nature, Networks, News & Events, Parenting, Pets, Pregnancy, Real Estate, Safety, Saving Money, Sex, School and Education, Shopping, Sports and Recreation, Summer, Technology, Tips for Success, Toys, Travel, Women, Working from Home and Writing

Services We Offer

Sponsored Social Media Post - $5
Sponsored Simple Blog Post - $25
Sponsored Guest Blog Post - $50
Sponsored Guest Blog Post with Giveaway - $75
Sponsored Full Blog Post (or Product Review) - $100
Spoonsored Full Blog Post (or Product Review) with Giveaway - $125

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