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Friday, July 22, 2016

Are you a discouraged, overwhelmed, exhausted business owner? Help is here...

When you’re starting a business, it’s easy to feel stuck. As a small business owner, myself, I know. I've felt discouraged. Overwhelmed. Exhausted, like I'm running on fumes. (To be honest, the commitment it takes to run a business is probably why the majority of them fail within the first two or three years!) It’s hard to predict the hurdles that you’ll hit along the way - or which ones you’ll lose the most sleep over.

On the other hand, a true entrepreneur will to do whatever it takes in order to succeed. Pinch pennies wherever possible. Work your butt off - HARD - until you finally start hitting your stride. Pull 18-hour days. Run on coffee. Study, follow and learn from smart entrepreneurs and mentors who’ve gone before.

As business owners, we're up against a ton of challenges. Maybe you’ve got great ideas - but you’re lacking the experience to know which one will work best. (Personally, I've wasted months - years - going about certain things the wrong way...) Money is tight. Time is stretched thin. There aren't enough hours in each day to possibly get everything done. We're bombarded with information - but not sure who to listen to, where to focus our energy or which fire to put out first.

You want to do things right - and to do that, you need to learn from the best.

That’s exactly why the Ultimate Startup Bundle​ was created. It’s a complete library of business startup resources. All the topics you need in order to round out your business - and to avoid crucial mistakes, along the way. Read on to learn more about this bundle of resources and exactly when the entire package (a $2,000 value) will go on sale - for just $97!

About the Ultimate Startup Bundle for businesses...

The Ultimate Startup Bundle for businesses contains e-Books, e-Courses, and cheat sheets - all created by experienced business owners who’ve 'been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt'. They've made the mistakes - so that we don't have to!

These hand-selected resources are specifically designed to address every single part of a business owner's startup journey - with tactics, tools and strategies to guide you on the road to success.

With resources like The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Jeff Goldenberg & Mark Hayes), The Lean Brand (Jeremiah Gardner), Born to Win (Zig Ziglar), and Booked (Josh Turner), it covers everything that you need to know about the fundamentals of running a business in today's world:
  • Getting Started
  • Lead Generation
  • Mindset
  • Marketing
  • Getting Sales
  • Copywriting
  • Product Creation
  • Finance
  • Productivity
  • Scaling

With a total product value of more than $2,000, this bundle was meticulously assembled - to give entrepreneurs like you and me a competitive edge as we launch and grow our businesses. (To be honest, I wish I'd known about this startup bundle when I launched the first of my small businesses, back in 2012! But, I digress...)

At just $97 for the entire bundle, it’s definitely less than you would pay each month to belong to a business membership site (often $50-$100 per month) or for online business courses (typically $999-$5,000). And it's small change compared to the cost of tens - or hundreds - of thousands of dollars for a traditional business degree. (I'm still paying off student loans for my business degree. No joke. But I've only got $3,748 left to pay - so there's that...)

With content from over 60 top authors, the Ultimate Startup Bundle for businesses is a massive library of business resources that covers the A-to-Z of creating, marketing and scaling a successful startup.

But you’ve got to act now, because the bundle will only be around for 6 days - and then this incredible library will no longer be available. Many of the authors and publishers included​ have taken a huge risk to put this out - and so they've only agreed to keep it live for those 6 days.

And one more extra (included)...

As an added bonus, along with the products already included in the bundle, you’ll receive Free Access to these premium online software services to support your business:
  • ConvertKit - 2 months FREE ($58 value)
  • ClickFunnels - 1 month FREE + template and podcast ($297 value)
  • SmartCart - 90 days FREE + grandfathered pricing of $99/month ($297 value)
  • Thinkific - 3 months FREE “business” account ($237 value)
These products combined are worth over $800 - which makes that small investment of $97 an even better deal!

So don’t just 'survive' the startup journey. Learn more about the Ultimate Startup Bundle for business - and get the road map you need to make your business thrive...

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Happy Friday! Have a great weekend,