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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

7 Musts for the "About Me" Page of your Blog or Website

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"About Me" pages for your blog or website are some of the very toughest to write. It always feels so awkward writing about yourself and it starts to feel like an extra long biography (which we all hate writing, too!).
As difficult as it is to put together, the "About Me" page is actually one of the very most important pages on your entire site. It gives your audience a little glimpse into your life and also gives them an extra opportunity to relate to you. (When readers feel like they can relate, they quickly become followers... and when your followers are passionate about what you're writing, they become customers of whatever you are selling them. ;)
Make sure you're including everything you should be by checking out Business2Blogger's list of must-have elements for the "About Me" page of your blog or website, HERE.

Good luck!