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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From StudentsFirst: "Grades are in for Maryland"

Since we released our first annual State Policy Report Card last year, we've seen many states take significant steps toward ensuring that all kids are receiving a high-quality education.  Many states that were early adopters of reforms have seen their student achievement increase dramatically.  The State Policy Report Card highlights these bright spots, while also demonstrating that we have a long way to go toward ensuring that every child gets a great education.
Want to know how Maryland stacks up?
Get the grade: Find out whether Maryland is truly putting students first.

Unlike most report cards, ours doesn't look at test scores. Instead, it focuses on whether each state’s laws prioritize the interests of students and families. You can browse and see whether each state is on track or falls short in each critical education policy area. And—most importantly—you’ll see how you, as a StudentsFirst member, can make a difference.
The more we as parents, educators, and administrators know about how our states perform, the more empowered we can be to take action. Together we can address failed policies and promote legislative reform that will truly make a difference for our kids.
See the Maryland Policy Report Card:
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Eric Lerum
Vice President of National Policy
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