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Friday, November 1, 2013

October Recap: FamZoo in the Classroom, More Mobile, Staying Alert, Shoutouts

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October 2013 Recap

FamZoo in the Classroom

Sadly, for lots of kids, math is just plain boooooring. It's abstract and lifeless.
How can teachers make math come alive for kids in the classroom?
Michelle Reel, a 6th grade math teacher in Indianapolis, figured it out. She runs a "mini-economy" in her classroom, and we're proud to say that FamZoo powers the online banking component.
FamZoo in the Classroom
To see how Mrs. Reel is making math real and engaging in the classroom, click here.
If you're a parent who'd like to see such a program in your local school, please forward this newsletter to a teacher. If you're a teacher who'd like to bring FamZoo to your classroom, contact us.

More Mobile

Last month we added mobile screens for your FamZoo checklists (which are great for chores, wish lists, grocery lists, honey-do lists, and you-name-it lists). That update included the ability to see all your lists, check off items, add items, edit items, and delete items. But you couldn't create new lists or edit their properties yet. This month, you can. So, now, when you're out and about and a brilliant new idea for a family list pops into your head, you can pull out your smart phone and create it right away.
Mobile create checklist screen.
Looking for FamZoo on your iPhone? Get the app.
Looking for FamZoo on your Android phone? Click here.

Stay Alert!!!

"What's Haley doing at Starbucks right now? I thought she had soccer practice at 2 o'clock...hmmm."
"20% of my allowance just loaded on my giving card. It's at $39.35. I should make a donation on RedCross.org today."
FamZoo Giving Card Allowance Alert
How'd Mom know about Haley's stealth Starbucks run? How'd Quintin know it was time to make a donation? The FamZoo cards in their family pack sent them instant text messages. See how to set up the new card activity alerts in your family here.
What? You haven't ordered cards for your family yet? That's nuts! Up to 4 cards are included as part of your FamZoo subscription. See how to get started here.

Special Shout-Outs

Our special FamZoo shout-outs for the month of October go to:
  • Cathy L. - for her eagle eyes. She spotted two typos in the card ordering screens and kindly took the time to report them to us. What, sentences need verbs? Nah. Thanks so much. We're very fastidious when it comes to that stuff, so we appreciate knowing when we've missed the mark.
  • Kim H. - for letting us know last night that our app had suddenly become unavailable in the iTunes store. Fixed. (We just had to, err, umm, pay our annual Apple developer subscription bill. So much for setting a good fiscal example...Doh!)
  • Cat B. - for finding and reporting that bug we missed in the testing of our new card activity alerts. We're embarrassed but appreciative!
  • Raena G. - for passing out our cards and coupons to parents at your local PTA meeting. Thank you for being such a great FamZoo ambassador in your community and on social media. We're super thankful for your support. 
  • Michelle at Twins Times Two. - for posting that great write-up of how and why you use FamZoo in your family. Authentic stories like that really help us get the word out. It's always more convincing when others do the talking. Thank you!

Parting Words

Since your kids will all be inhaling massive quantities of candy for the next few days, we thought it would be appropriate to leave you with a favorite quote about moderation:
"Moderation is the key of lasting enjoyment."
—Hosea Ballou
Yeah, good luck with that.
Sugar addicted Halloween cat
The FamZoo Crew
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